Hydraulica 900C

Vacuum Glass Lifter

Effortlessly lift, tilt and rotate curved glass with the Hydraulica 900C bespoke vacuum lifter.
This mid-capacity model offers 900kg of lifting power and uses 30 vacuum cups set across two swivel arms to securely attach to convex or concave surfaces.
Like our other Hydraulica models, the 900C benefits from powered 90° tilt for smooth unloading and positioning of the glass, making it an ideal machine for installing revolving doors and curved glass units.
Safety features include two independent vacuum systems and a low vacuum alarm to ensure the glass is always securely attached to the lifter.

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  • Available For Sale

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    Technical Specifications

  • Lifter
    10-14 Pad Lifter
  • Safe Working Load
  • Dual Circuit Vacuum Pump
    2 or 4 Pumps, 2 Vacuum Reserve Tanks
  • Weight

    Rental Options

  • 110v or 240v

    Sales Options

  • 110v or 240v
  • Low Marking Pads