CL1-6 Vacuum Cladding Lifter

Vacuum Glass Lifter

The CL1-6 is a dual circuit vacuum cladding lifter designed specifically for the lifting and installation of wall and roof panels.
The CL1-6 features both tilting and rotation machinisms to safely lift panels in both horizontal and vertical orientations. Suction pads are adaptable to many cladding panel surfaces common for roofing and wall cladding, as well as used in cold-store construction. Such as flat, micro-rib, and trapezoidal.
The CL1 is a highly adaptable unit, utilizing the included extensions allows the lifter to fit a wide variety of applications.

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    Technical Specifications

  • Lifter
    6 rectangular pad mm 800x120
  • Safe Working Load
  • Dual Circuit Vacuum Pump
    2 independent vacuum circuits, each vacuum circuit with vacuum reserve and non return valve
  • Weight

    Rental Options

  • 110v or 240v Charging System
  • Special quick change gasket seals

    Sales Options

  • 110v or 240v Charging System
  • Low Marking Pads
  • High Temperature Pads
  • Stone Pads
  • Special quick change gasket seals