StoneVac 405

Vacuum Glass Lifters

The StoneVac 405 has been developed in-house based on the MRTA6 featuring Quadra-Lift technology.
This means that the force needed to tilt a load is less than half that typically required for a lifter that pivots around a single point. When a load is tilted to either the upright or the flat position, the lifter maintains the load automatically without using latches.
The dual-circuit StoneVac 405 also features 360° continuous manual rotation as well as moveable pads and extensions arms that can accommodate a variety of load sizes and shapes.

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    Technical Specifications

  • LIfter
    6 pads
  • safe working load
    405 Kg
  • Dual Circuit Vacuum Pump
    2 pumps, 2 vacuum reserve tanks
  • Weight

    Sales Options

  • radio remote control
  • stone pads
  • curved pads
  • low marking pads
  • 3rd party certification available