P11104 Dual Circuit

Vacuum Glass Lifter

The P11104 is one of our most popular units, engineered for reliability, safety and durability. It features an inbuilt rechargeable battery which eliminates the need for cumbersome cords during operation.

  • Available For Rental
  • Available For Sale

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    Technical Specifications

  • Lifter
    Inline 4 Lifter
  • Safe Working Load
  • Dual Circuit Vacuum Pump
    1 Pump, 2 Vacuum Reserve Tanks
  • Weight

    Rental Options

  • 110v or 240v Charging System
  • Curved Pads

    Sales Options

  • 110v or 240v Charging System
  • Low Marking Pads
  • High Temperature Pads
  • Stone Pads
  • Curved Pads