MRT4 Dual Circuit

Vacuum Glass Lifter

The MRT4 was created for versatility. This adaptable lifter allows for full 360 degree rotation and a 90 degree tilt from any position. The addition of variable length lifting arms allows for easier fitting under soffits and overhangs.

  • Available For Rental
  • Available For Sale

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    Technical Specifications

  • Lifter
    4 Pad Lifter
  • Safe Working Load
  • Dual Circuit Vacuum Pump
    1 Pump, 2 Vacuum Reserve Tanks
  • Weight

    Rental Options

  • 110v or 240v Charging System
  • Curved Pads

    Sales Options

  • 110v or 240v Charging System
  • Low Marking Pads
  • High Temperature Pads
  • Stone Pads
  • Curved Pads