UAE Martyrʼs Memorial




Project Location

Abu Dhabi

  • The Problem

    JML were contracted to instal very large 1.5 tonne pieces of glass in a very precise and sensitive manner due to the nature of the intallation site. There was not a larg enough vacuum lifter for rental in the region that would allow for the 1.5 tonne weight of glass to be lifted.

  • The Solution

    Spider Plus addressed the problem by procuring a large enough glass lifter from the UK, the Hydraulica 2600 Quad Compact. This was provided to the client along with product training. There was a stringent time scale on the project so Spider Plus had the equipment flown in. It was then load tested, inspected and certified and had client staff trained within a 12 hour period.

  • Learning & Development

    Due to the tight deadlines for this project, we honed our logistical processes and utilized precise planning in advance to enable us to deliver on our commitment.