Installation of 6 Tonne Aquarium

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Private Homeowner

Project Location

The Palm, Jumeriah, Dubai, UAE

  • The Problem

    Our client had purchased a x by x aquarium for his private residence, however due to the nature of the installation they had been unable to find a contractor willing to remove the tank from itʼs original shipping container and assist in itʼs installation.

  • The Solution

    Spider Plus performed the lifting of the aquarium from its container using a 25 tonne mobile crane, we then went outside of our regular rental fleet and procured machine skates and heavy duty jacks to move the now unpacked tank. We also wrote a method statement and full lift plan for itʼs transferal from outside the villa to its eventual place of installation.

  • Learning & Development

    Due to the fragile nature of the aquarium, we had to exercise the utmost caution and careful handling to ensure the job was completed safely.