Emirates Hills Villa Construction

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F&G Elegant Windows

Project Location

Dubai, UAE

  • The Problem

    There were multiple issues to be resolved in order to perform this job safely: 10 large pieces of glass needed to be installed on the roof level of a villa. The primary obstacle was the transport of the glass panels and the required lifting equipment (in this instance a URW295 Crane, a Hydraulica 1000A Glass Lifter and a glass trolley) on to the roof of the villa. The glass, crane and trolley then needed to be moved through a passageway which measured only 900mm in width, set up in an optimal configuration for glass installation and then safely removed from the roof.

  • The Solution

    Spider Plus provided an equipment package including a URW295 Mini Spider Crane, Glass Trolley, Hand Suction Cups and a Hydraulica 1000A Vacuum Glass Lifter. We advised the cleint as to the spec of mobile crane they would require as well as rigging details for our equipment. Spider Plus then guided the client in the logistics of the job and the glass was installed safely and without the need for a costly 300 tonne crane.

  • Learning & Development

    The unique challenges faced in this job allowed us to build on our planning and execution of jobs involving confined spaces. As this was the second time weʼd visited this site, our logistical plan was optimized and saved around 3 days worth of working time.