Burj Al Arab Terrace Cladding Work



Admares OY

Project Location

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

  • The Problem

    Client required lightweight glass handling equipment which could access confined spaces. They also required a crane for over the edge lifting during cladding replacement, which needed to be conducted within a very confined area- which included an egress involving small man-walk ways.

  • The Solution

    Spider Plus provided the client with a manual floor crane and MRT4 Vacuum Glass Lifter, enabling them to lift, transport and install the glass panels which they were replacing and eliminating the need for manual handling. The client was also provided with two cranes- the URW295 (for the majority of the work) with a remote control configuration allowing access to the confined work area and freeing up space with the elimination of the need for both a spotter and operator at the working concurrently. They were also provided URW095, to conduct the portion of the work which was particularly confined and required the versatility of the 095ʼs multiple position outriggers.

  • Learning & Development

    This was one of the most minimal footprint jobs Spider Plus had been contracted to perform. It highlighted the benefit of performing workshop simulations in order to identify the best configuration of hardware to offer the client. Through this exercise, we were able to send our expert trainer to the client site to advise the best setup of equipment.