Surviving Natural Disasters and Man-Made Disasters

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What if social media could save your life? What if an online platform gave you a more accurate, detailed route of a hurricane? As Hurricane Florence continues a fierce push to the East Coast, Purdue University researchers are testing technology to help find victims of natural and man-made disasters. A new Purdue-created online platform called the Social Media Analytics and Reporting Toolkit could help first responders better monitor areas where hurricanes make landfall, thus help people caught in weather-related disasters.

The platform, known as SMART, allows first responders to monitor social media posts to find people in need of help. Although the system has not been released publicly, official first-responder organizations can request an account to use SMART during Hurricane Florence by contacting Ebert at ebertd ecn. The technology aligns with Purdue's giant leaps celebration, acknowledging the university's global advancements made in health, space, artificial intelligence and sustainability as part of Purdue's th anniversary.

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Those are the four themes of the yearlong celebration's Ideas Festival, designed to showcase Purdue as an intellectual center solving real-world issues. First responders can use SMART to select key words and themes, such as flooding or medical emergencies, which are then visually displayed and highlighted on a map as they are talked about on social media within a specific geographic area.

Purdue's technology also allows users to set up customizable email alerts for relevant key words within a specified time frame. SMART also has applications for thwarting potential attacks during major public events, analyzing school threats and monitoring traffic.

Man-Made Disasters

Emergencies at the big game? New technology may help police find those situations quicker. Medical emergencies for fans during athletic events can quickly turn into life-or-death situations. That's why as another Boilermaker football season gets underway, Purdue University researchers are using technology to help Purdue researchers have developed an online platform that enables first responders to monitor emergency situations using tweets and Instagram posts.

Purdue University researchers have developed a unique approach that allows experienced surgeons and physicians around the world to help less-experienced doctors in war zones, natural disasters and in rural areas perform complicated The smoke plume reached as high as 30, feet. If you want to learn more about explosions, go here: Another man-made disaster that should be of more concern to everyone, but doesn't get much attention is an EMP. Fox News had an article about it in January and stated that, "An electro-magnetic pulse attack could destroy America's defenses, leaving the U.

Man-Made Disasters

We wouldn't even be able to figure out who attacked us. And, scroll down to watch the video: Disaster Survival Resources Content and photos may not be reproduced in any way without our permission. Man-Made Disasters The difference between natural and man-made disasters is the element of human intent or negligence that leads to human suffering and environmental damage; many mirror natural disasters, yet man has a direct hand in their occurrence. Explosions Another man-made disaster that should be of more concern to everyone, but doesn't get much attention is an EMP.

EMP Below are links to facts about some more common man-made disasters. Many mental health professionals recommend avoiding overexposure to news rebroadcasts and to stay away from heavily damaged areas.