Wolfdogs A-Z: Behavior, Training & More (Wolf Hybrids)

That brings us to containment. Wolfdogs can clear a six-foot fence without much effort.

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Are you willing to spend the time and money to build proper containment, which may include modifying your fencing or building an enclosure? These large, strong animals can be quite energetic and destructive — a potentially hazardous combination! Wolfdogs who have been left unsupervised in apartments, for example, have been known to tear up lineoleum and eat through drywall. Are you prepared to provide the intense level of exercise required by these energetic canines? Depending on age and genetics, figure on an average of one to two hours of solid exercise per day.

Unfortunately, those behaviors include a strong prey drive potentially not conducive to the longevity of small animals like cats or rabbits , and a serious tendency toward resource guarding. Remember, the higher the wolf content, the stronger the wolf-like tendencies. Wolfdogs are absolutely not recommended for families with small children.

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Pure wolves are naturally afraid of people. Higher content wolfdogs often have major fear issues, and can be extremely skittish around people and new environments.

The Basics of Hybrid Wolf Puppies Training

Though many people still use the term "wolf hybrid," this is not an accurate term. Following reclassification of the dog by taxonomists in , the domestic dog canis lupus familiaris is actually viewed as a domestic variant of the gray wolf canis lupus. Yes, even your Chihuahua.

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How much wolf do they have in them? People who work with wolfdogs are more concerned with wolf content. This is usually determined by phenotyping, making an educated guess based on various physical and behavioral traits. Content can vary between animals from the same litter.

Wolfdogs A-Z: Behavior, Training & More (Wolf Hybrids)

For instance, Ramses and Sugar Bear are littermates, but they look and behave very differently: Ramses left behaves like a little wolf while Sugar Bear right is all friendly dog! What are they mixed with? Where do they come from? Do people actually breed them? People actually breed them.

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There are some ethical, responsible breeders out there. They keep accurate and honest records, are particular about what they breed into their lines, evaluate and educate potential buyers carefully, and take back the animals they sell if they do not work out, for whatever reason. Unfortunately, such breeders are rare.

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Wolfdogs are not wild animals. They are domestic animals with special needs.

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They were created by humans, and they depend on humans for food and protection, and often for companionship. A person who dumps his wolfdog in the woods, believing it can take care of itself, is sentencing that animal to fear, confusion, loneliness, and a death by starvation, disease, attacks by other animals, or a bullet. Wolves are, by nature, timid around humans. Likewise, so are high content wolfdogs.

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Should you have an intruder, your wolfdog is much more likely to hide under the bed than to face him. Are they good with small animals?

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What about with children? Most wolfdogs - like Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, and a number of other breeds — have a very high prey drive. There are wolfdogs who are raised with other animals and with children, and are perfectly fine with them, but you cannot count on that being the case when you adopt a wolfdog. I want a wolfdog!