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Oxfam GB Oxfam Education. Resources Who we are Get involved Education Blog. Search for resources Search for resources. Email Signup Email signup Subscribe to our newsletter. Languages Available in English. Downloads Teachers' Overview kB Read this first! Slideshow 12MB For use with sessions 1 - 6. Exploring photographs kB Discuss, explore and sort photographs taken by children in Viet Nam and listen to some of the stories behind them.

Stories behind the photographs kB Create a text map to represent the key words and phrases used in the stories from Viet Nam, and retell the key elements of the text. Pictures that tell a story kB Plan and create pictures or photographs that represent the aspects of school life which are important to you.


Telling a story kB Tell the story behind your own picture with reference to characters, setting, what is happening and what makes it important. Compare and contrast 1,kB Explore similarities and differences between your photostories and those of children in Viet Nam. Taking it further kB Explore the photostories of family members taken by children in Viet Nam and then create photostories of your own family.

A cross-curricular resource to engage learners critically Curriculum Global Food Challenge for years Cross-curricular resource to teach secondary learners Behind the Barcodes An interactive teaching and learning guide for secondary A guide for schools Global Citizenship in the Classroom: Through a series of online conversations about classic American texts, award-winning teacher-scholars Amy A. Kass and Leon R.

Kass seek to educate both hearts and minds about American ideals, American identity and national character, and the virtues and aspirations of our civic life. World History for Us All: A powerful, innovative curriculum for teaching world history in middle and high schools. The site offers a wealth of teaching units, lesson plans, and resources. Ideal for anyone thinking about how to teach world history to students. Created by Google, this valuable resource lets students virtually discover some of the most famous sites on earth -- for example, the ruins of Pompeii, Stonehenge, Versailles and more.

The project offers an innovative way to teach history and geography to students of primary and secondary schools. Teachers can download related guides for using these resources. It finds patterns in the collapse of southern slavery, mapping the interactions between federal policies, armies in the field, and the actions of enslaved men and women on countless farms and city blocks.

Scott Fitzgerald and more. A Crash Course in English Literature: See our post on this series. Offers a world of online resources for teachers -- from lesson plans to study guides to videos -- for teaching Shakespeare on the K levels. We offer more details here. Offers books for kids , , and Start browsing the library here. Find more information on our blog here. Search the Poetry Foundation's archive of over poems. Searchable by poet, title, first lines and more. If you're looking for Shakespeare's plays on the web, MIT has you covered.

They offer the first complete collection of Shakespeare's plays , from the First Folio of , in their original spelling and orthography. And some talented Russian artists did the animation. Shmoop's learning guides break down some of the texts most frequently taught in high school classrooms. Invitation to World Literature: A multimedia course for students, teachers, and lovers of literature.

The course moves from ancient to modern literature, and is taught by David Damrosch at Harvard. Find more details here. Features a comprehensive set of interactive arithmetic lessons. Unlimited practice is available on each topic which allows thorough mastery of the concepts. You can sort by grade level.

This resource shows students the relevance of statistics in real-world settings.

What is a narrative?

Video series for high school and college classrooms. A step-by-step look at algebra concepts. This instructional video series for high school classrooms is produced by the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications and Chedd-Angier. Adrian Banner, a lecturer at Princeton, has put together a lecture series in video that will help you master calculus, a subject that has traditionally frustrated many students.

The 24 lectures are available on iTunes. Site features thousands of exercises designed to help young students K-8 practice math. Features practice questions, step-by-step explanations, engaging awards and certificates, easy-to-read progress reports, and more. You can dive into the Khan Academy's math tutorials using the following links: It provides resources for students of all ages. Helps young children gain confidence and mastery of basic educational skills.

Its math section comes recommended by our readers. Bills itself as the web's most extensive mathematical resource. Bach's Complete Organ Works: Introduces elementary and middle school children to classical music in a fun and entertaining way. Exploring the World of Music: Learn the essentials of music theory and how music expresses culture in this instructional video series for high school classrooms. K Resources for Music Educators: Valuable resources for music educators and music students at all educational levels.

Carefully researched and commercial free. The Alan Lomax Sound Archive: Gives you access to 17, songs. The World Music Archive: Run by the BBC, this archive allows you to sample the musical traditions of more than 40 countries. India, Corsica, China, Cuba, Iran, Brazil, Mozambique, Turkey -- they're all represented in this eclectic collection of indigenous music.

This site given the same name as the one above is run by Gary Matthews, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. It also uses children's stories to introduce students to philosophical questions. An interactive visualization of—you guessed it—more than , stars.

In video format, scientists answer questions about the universe. For example, where is the center of the universe? What happens when galaxies collide? Atlas of the Universe: From the University of Illinois. Encourages next generation of makers to tackle the do-it-yourself projects of their dreams. Brings together 30 years of computer-enhanced images of living cells and organisms for education and medical research. Chemistry Activities for Kids: Features chemistry demonstrations, crafts, and projects that are suitable for kids.

Some activities require adult supervision. Developed by the American Museum of Natural History's Hayden Planetarium, with support from NASA, this digital atlas makes available the most complete and accurate 3D atlas of the Universe from the local solar neighborhood out to the edge of the observable Universe. Download it for free!

My Favorite Resources for Teaching Creative Writing in the Classroom

An interactive Web 2. You can customize the size and speed of the incoming object, among other items.

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You can explore the Khan Academy's science and technology lessons using the following hotlinks: America's space agency provides educational media for different age groups. Eyes on the Solar System: The National Institutes of Health provides a collection of educational resources for science teachers. The material is divided by topic and grade level: This site is a resource for anyone interested in paleontology, from the student in the classroom, to the interested amateur scouting for fossils, to the professional in the lab.

Produced by the American Physical Society. Robotics is a great way to get kids excited about science, technology, engineering, and math. Royal Institution Christmas Lecture s: Provides educational resources for teachers and parents to help make science fun and engaging for kids. Features fun activities, facts, projects and experiments that promote a desire amongst kids to learn more about science and technology. Science News for Kids: Helps kids middle school and above stay up-to-date on scientific trends. Provides crisp, concise coverage of all fields of science daily.

A searchable, web-based digital library collection populated with standards-based engineering curricula for use by K teachers and engineering faculty to make applied science and math engineering come alive in K settings. The Web site provides access to course content and activities developed by leading scientists and researchers in the field. Created for K teachers, this online resource provides a one-stop, comprehensive resource on evolution.

The site is divided into a K-6 section and a grades section. This venture gives students the ability to take free computer science lessons online. This Google site provides course content and tutorials for Computer Science CS students and educators on current computing technologies and paradigms.

How to write an excellent Narrative

Computer Science Courses from Great Universities: The more advanced student can watch lectures from computer science courses presented at great universities. This innovative reading experience has been adapted from the book The Aesop for Children , and includes outstanding drawings by Milo Winter, a noted illustrator. American Museum of Natural History: Cosmic Discoveries is the first app to collect nearly 1, stunning astronomic images. All words are accompanied by images and pronounced for you by native speakers.

Discover how each brain region functions, what happens when the brain is injured, and how it is involved in mental illness. Each detailed structure comes with information on functions, disorders, brain damage, case studies, and links to modern research.

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Use your touch screen to rotate and zoom around 29 interactive structures. Pretty simple, but handy. A good dictionary in your pocket. Touch the views and control the planet with your finger. This app will turn your iPad into a whiteboard where you can do screencasting. A handy app for taking notes. This app offers a comprehensive visual database of all known exoplanets planets orbiting other stars discovered so far.

It is frequently updated as new discoveries are confirmed.

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The highly-rated app allows you to easily create and study flashcards without the hassle of having to buy and write on actual note cards. Fotopedia offers a number of other great apps related to foreign travel here. Gene Screen also provides information on some recessive genetic diseases and genetic screening programs. Sky Map enables users to identify stars and planets by pointing their devices towards these objects in the sky.

Users can zoom in and out, and switch various layers such as constellations, planets, grids, and deep sky objects. Users can also determine the locations of planets and stars relative to their own current locations. The highly rated app lets young students find words, steal tiles, and color the board!

From the most important museum in Paris, this app provides a virtual tour of the Louvre's galleries and lets users check out the works of everyone from DaVinci to Michelangelo. The app gets you up close and personal with paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, and even the French Crown Jewels. An app for viewing three-dimensional renderings of molecules and manipulating them using your fingers. You can rotate the molecules by moving your finger across the display, zoom in or out by using two-finger pinch gestures, or pan the molecule by moving two fingers across the screen at once.

The introductory level is free, although more advanced levels require paying for the app. The perfect resource to help students learn about the moon.

Creating Stories with Children

This free app puts the moon in your pocket with 3D graphics and touch screen navigation. Museum of Modern Art: It will teach you to recognize species by pictures. Provides access to 1,, species pages and 1,, pictures. Discover a wealth of great space travel information on this free app. The NASA App collects, customizes and delivers an extensive selection of dynamically updated information, images and videos from various online NASA sources in a convenient mobile package. Available for Android, iPhone and iPad.

It also gives you a statistical analysis of your performance.

How to Tell a Bible Story: What s in the Bag? Presented by The Scripture Lady

Periodic Table of Elements in HD: Created by Merck, this chemistry app has received lots of praise. Poetry from the Poetry Foundation: Available for Apple devices and the Android. As you will see, the app comes with some handy functionality: Plus the app automatically remembers the last page you read. Sight Words, also known as the Dolch List, are an integral part of learning how to read. The Dolch Word list contains words that are broken down into appropriate age groups.