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Little Miss Calamity was almost always in trouble. Usually the trouble started with some normal activity, which invariably went terribly wrong.

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Her catchphrase was "What a calamity! She was phased out after Season 1 though a statue of her appeared in the Season 2 episode, "Trees". Little Miss Careful is part of the Little Miss series. Little Miss Careful is always cautious, and looks before she leaps. Little Miss Chatterbox is the 16th book in the Little Miss series. Little Miss Chatterbox talks a lot, just like her brother, Mr. She keeps her looks and, as usual, she never shuts up. Rude with her talking. Her house is on top of a hill, and shaped like a telephone. Little Miss Christmas is part of the Little Miss series.

Little Miss Christmas loves Christmas , like her brother. Little Miss Contrary is the 21st book in the Little Miss series. Little Miss Contrary always says the opposite of what she really means. She lives in Muddleland. Little Miss Curious is the 28th book in the Little Miss series. Little Miss Curious wants to know everything.

In the second season of The Mr. Men Show , Little Miss Curious kept her looks except for her yellow nose and freckles. Her bow resembles Little Miss Whoops' except it is blue and her shape is changed from oval to square. Little Miss Daredevil loves to go to extremes and until Little Miss Bossy was added in season two, was unique in being the first Little Miss with eyelashes. She loves fast cars, boats, bicycles and rockets; she even owns a collection of airplanes. On the comical side, her antics end up harming Mr.

Quiet and Miss Calamity once in some way, and he is almost always the guinea pig for her experiments. Her orange hair is mostly hidden underneath her crash helmet but is briefly seen in "Gifts". Little Miss Dotty is the 17th book in the Little Miss series. Little Miss Dotty is just plain dotty. She lives in Nonsenseland where Mr. Nonsense live , and has some pretty dotty ideas of her own. Little Miss Fickle is the 20th book in the Little Miss series.

Little Miss Fickle always has trouble making up her mind. Little Miss Fun is the 29th book in the Little Miss series. Little Miss Fun loves to have fun all day, every day. Little Miss Giggles is the 14th book in the Little Miss series. Little Miss Giggles is blue with freckles, a yellow nose, red hair and yellow barrettes. Little Miss Giggles can't stop giggling; she giggles so much that she makes everyone else giggle too. Little Miss Giggles seems to have a connection with Mr.

Once during her daily walk she loses her giggle; she meets Mr. Happy, and they go to Dr. To solve the problem, Mr. Happy gives Little Miss Giggles a "giggle". She looked exactly as she did in the books except for being a darker shade of blue , and sometimes her giggling got out of control. Little Miss Greedy is the 13th book in the Little Miss series.

Little Miss Greedy has the same appetite as her cousin, and has a really large breakfast. Little Miss Greedy was originally published under the title of Little Miss Plump ; following Hargreaves' death, the name was changed. Perhaps, it was due to fears that "plump" was too offensive. Part of the story was also altered. Little Miss Helpful is the 7th book in the Little Miss series. Little Miss Helpful tries to help everyone, but ends up making everything worse. She tries to tie Mr.

Tall's shoelaces, and ends up tying both shoes together. Then she tries to help Mr. Happy when he is sick by getting the cleaning supplies, but her head gets stuck in the bucket and she is trapped in the refrigerator. Happy tries to pull the bucket off Miss Helpful's head, only to have her go flying into the lake. In the TV series, The Mr. Men Show , Little Miss Helpful had a makeover. She kept her personality, color and oval body; however, the pigtails replaced her mini-buns, she had green bows on her newly strawberry blonde hair and wore a green fanny pack.

Her shoes were changed similar to Miss Chatterbox's, but green , and her nose changed from yellow to pink. Her catchphrase was, "Just trying to be helpful! She also causes pain to other clumsy Mr. Bump , Little Miss Whoops , and even Mr. Little Miss Jealous is part of the Little Miss series.

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Little Miss Jealous is jealous of everything and everyone. Little Miss Late is the 11th book in the Little Miss series. Little Miss Late is late for everything, and can't find a job. She tries to work in a bank, but by the time she gets there the bank has closed. She tries to be a secretary for Mr. Uppity, but he goes home late.

Little Miss

She finally gets a job as a housemaid for Mr. Lazy, because he does things at the wrong time. Little Miss Loud is part of the Little Miss series. Little Miss Lucky is the 18th book in the Little Miss series. Little Miss Lucky lives in Horseshoe Cottage, on top of a hill.

She settles in bed with a book she has bought. Then she hears a knock at the door, and goes downstairs to answer it. She gets locked out of the house, a gust of wind blows her off her feet, and she lands on a haystack. A tree starts chasing her; she then wakes up to find out that it was all a dream, and that is why the story is called Little Miss Lucky.

Little Miss Magic is the 8th book in the Little Miss series. Little Miss Magic is the resident magician. Once, Little Miss Magic got out of bed and told her toothpaste tube to squeeze. Happy came over looking exactly the opposite to complain about Mr Tickle, because he was tickling all the time. Little Miss Magic shrank Mr. Tickle's arms and told him to come to her house the next day.

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Tickle came over she said, "One tickle a day" meaning on Mr. Unfortunately for her, Mr. Tickle used his "one tickle a day" on her instead. She appeared on The Mr. Men Show season two. She kept her goldish color, round body, yellow nose and brown hair; a black top-hat with a pink flower replaced her green striped bow, fuchsia Mary Janes with sparkles replaced her red sneakers and her freckles were gone.

Her magic was also very defective — often producing unnecessary results and sometimes side effects at the most inappropriate times when a practical solution was needed such as turning Little Miss Daredevil into a goat while trying to cure her of hiccups. Her catchphrases are, "Sometimes my magic surprises even me! Men website she says, "Ta-da! Little Miss Naughty is the 2nd book in the Little Miss series. Little Miss Naughty loves to play practical jokes. She awakens one day, thinking it looks like a good day for being naughty. Uppity's hat off his head, breaks Mr.

Clever's glasses, and strips Mr. Bump of his bandages placing them on Mr. Men hold a meeting to decide what to do. Small meets with Mr. Impossible who can make himself invisible ; each time Little Miss Naughty tries to do something naughty, Mr. Impossible tweaks her nose and it cures Little Miss Naughty of her naughtiness. Men Show , she kept her purple color and oval body but now had curly pink hair, a dark-fuchsia nose, pink rosy cheeks emphasizing her character trait and her bow was a lighter shade of green.

Her catchphrase was, "Sometimes I just can't help myself". Occasionally, her pranks backfire on her. Little Miss Neat is the 3rd book in the Little Miss series. Little Miss Neat is as neat as two pins, and lives in Twopin Cottage. When she goes on holiday, Mr. Muddle comes to visit her empty house. He makes a cup of tea, putting everything back in the wrong place. When Little Miss Neat comes home she can't find anything, and when she sits in a chair she is pricked by forks, knives, and spoons that Mr.

Hargreaves tells the reader, "I don't think Little Miss Neat will be taking a holiday next year. Little Miss Princess is the 34th book in the Little Miss series; the book was published in Spring to mark the 40th anniversary of the Mr Men. A very big castle. And Little Miss Princess has lots of people to do things for her.

But Little Miss Princess isn't rude and spoiled. She is a kind and generous, good hearted princess. One day, she decides to help an injured Mr. Bump, but as you can imagine, Little Miss Princess isn't used to doing things herself, so everything doesn't quite go to plan. Little Miss Prim is part of the Little Miss series. Little Miss Prim is always proper. She is never out of character, and feels lost without her purse. Little Miss Quick is the 23rd book in the Little Miss series.

Rush, Little Miss Quick is always in a hurry and did not even have time to finish tying a bow in her hair. Little Miss Scary is the 31st book in the Little Miss series. Little Miss Scary enjoys scaring people, especially Mr. She has not, however, reckoned with Mr. Men Show , Little Miss Scary kept her looks, except one of her spikes is gone and she is darker red. She is a regular character.

Her house is a haunted house in the middle of the woods. She has a collection of assorted masks which are modified in season two which she uses to scare the other Mr. Men and Little Misses, although they can frighten her as well. She has a scary snore as seen in the episode, "Sleep".

Little Miss Scary snorts when she laughs. Little Miss Scatterbrain is the 12th book in the Little Miss series. Little Miss Scatterbrain is the least intelligent woman in the world — even less intelligent than Mr. Little Miss Scatterbrain was also released as a follow-along audio book, featuring a show-tune-style musical number at the end. It was published in by E. Interactive SA and developed by Hyptique. Little Miss Show-Off is green; she has a red nose, yellow shoes, blue gloves and a yellow, blue and pink hat.

She doesn't like to share anything with anyone. The only thing she ever thinks about is herself. Little Miss Shy is the 9th book in the Little Miss series. The video is about Sugarland fans holding up signs of hard times in their lives and telling their stories, when the song eventually show that the fans learn that it will be ok, thanks to the song.

The video inspired Sugarland to offer the ability for all people to share their experience with how the song has helped them.

During the concert performance of the song, fans in the first few rows do a 'live' version of the project. Upon being released as a single, the song has become a Top 20 single on the Hot Country Songs chart. It peaked at 11 in April From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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